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Fisher dynamics metal forming

Fisher Dynamics Metal Forming, a safety-critical precision metal part manufacturing company, is a premier supplier of high-strength, tight-tolerance stampings, complex fine blankings and precision broachings. We manufacture many types of safety-critical precision metal parts for customers strategically located in North America, Europe, and Asia. A family-owned business, Fisher Dynamics Metal Forming brings four generations of experience to today’s industry challenges.

Why Fisher Dynamics Metal Forming?

Unparalleled Industry Knowledge: 
With more than a century of family ownership and leadership in precision metal forming and manufacturing, we manufacture 140 million safety-critical components annually. 

Concentration on Precision:
Each and every part we form expresses one theme:  An unrivaled focus on precision. Our parts are designed to meet customer, industry, and government standards and regulations. Ultimately, they designed to meet YOUR requirements.

Best-in-Class Forming and Die Design:
With 100+ years of engineering capabilities, proven die designs, and an active and evolving portfolio of forming “know-how”, Fisher Dynamics Metal Forming understands today’s customer requirements and tomorrow’s industry needs.

Worldwide Aptitude with High-Capacity Forming: 
Originally founded in Ferndale as Fisher Corporation, Michigan in 1947, Fisher Dynamics Metal Forming currently forms safety-critical precision metal parts at multiple locations in Michigan and in Texas. Our operations are strategically located, geographically, to take advantage of competitive labor costs, supplier capabilities, and close proximity to our customers.  We’re positioned to serve you, wherever you are. We provide new ideas, concepts, and products of cutting-edge technology from all corners of the world.

We want to hear from you!
Whether you are a car manufacturer, seating supplier, aerospace OEM or a person simply interested in finding out more about our company, our history and our products, we’d very much like to hear from you!  Call or email us, and we’ll put you in contact with the right people at Fisher Dynamics Metal Forming right away!

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