Technical capabilities

Fisher Dynamics technological resources allow for the highest quality control throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.

(80) Assembly Work Centers Worldwide
2-8 Unique Finished Goods Part Numbers per Line for Increased Flexibility
Linear, Single Piece Flow Processing
Dynamic Fastening through Rivet, Staking or Stamping
State of the Art Poka Yoke - Laser Detection
Full End of Line Functional Testing
Robotic MIG Weld Cells
Laser Welding Capabilities
Trans 4M MRP System

Full Service Testing Capabilities
       Testing to meet all FMVSS standards
Sled Testing Capabilities
Environmental Chamber Testing
Pendulum Impact Testing
Sound Lab Development & Analysis
Schap Strength Machine
Instron Strength Machine
Seat Looseness & Deflection (Chuck)
Seat Rearward Fatigue Testing
Seat Vibration Testing
Seat Durability Testing

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