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Global Reach

Almost every automotive supplier claims a “global reach”, i.e. the ability to provide the highest quality, competitively priced product to their customers in the countries where vehicles are manufactured. However, very few are able to actually do it.

In North America, Mexico, and China, our products are assembled and then distributed from five convenient locations: three in North America, two in the north, located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan and Evansville, Indiana and one in the south, in Brownsville, Texas. Our facility in Mexico is located in Matamoros, and the fifth facility is located in Shanghai, China. These five locations provide more than 30 million assembled mechanisms to dozens of customer plants, including destinations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, China, and other countries in central and South America.

In Europe, our Engineering and Business Development center in Germany is quickly establishing a customer base for our unique, safety-first products. In China, we have a growing team of Engineering and Business Development associates charged with marketing our locally manufactured products to the fast growing automotive market in the world. With supplier and partner relationships in Korea and Japan, we are well-represented throughout Asia. Our facility in India is also expanding to provide Design and Engineering support for our other global locations.

Global reach, the sixth of the major themes that guide our success, allows Fisher Dynamics to become a partner with customers from every major market in the world – a partner that truly brings “customer excitement” to every business relationship.

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