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The “art of innovation” is a phrase that brings a variety of meanings to mind, but at Fisher, it’s all about cutting edge ideas. We strive to create an environment that encourages an uninterrupted flow of revolutionary concepts, intended to provide our customers with unique solutions to their ever-more complex challenges.

Over the last half century, there has been a virtual revolution in the automotive seating industry. Each passing year, automobile manufactures are under intense pressure to market seating mechanisms that differentiate their vehicles, and provide seating features that improve passenger comfort and safety.

Fisher has been at the epicenter of these developments, and continues to lead from the front with an industry-first standard to every innovation. We have advanced from the days of basic manual recliners for seat back adjustment, to consumer-friendly, multiple-function, power-assisted systems of mechanical sophistication, all with ease of operation and multiple functions.

Creating and nurturing a culture of innovation is a critical priority for our organization. One only need experience the ultra-modern Mechanism Technology Center in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, to understand our financial commitment to this culture. Innovation is a cornerstone of our success, and it will continue to be as we build for our future.

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